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Socialism Trend

The concocted hysterics of protestors in the Senate gallery during the Kavanaugh confirmation vote should be a warning to Republican and Independent voters. The survival of the Nation will require keeping the New Democratic Socialist Party out of power. There can be no reaching across the aisle. With 48 Democratic senators voting “no” in lock-step, it should be clear that they do not believe in basic civility. Only one Democrat made a decision based on rational thought, Joe Manchin of West Virginia. Claire McCaskill voted against the fundamental belief of most Missourians, the presumption of innocence. She did not represent our State with this vote and many other past votes. The traditional Democratic Party is dead. It has been corrupted into a coalition of fascist and anarchist special interest groups with the goal of destroying the concept of individual freedom. The playbook being utilized by the likes of George Soros and Tom Steyer includes the tactic of buying politicians and sponsoring professional fascist activist organizations. The concept of Journalistic ethics is no more. There is no reporting on the betrayal of the oath of office by Senators Feinstein, Hirono, Whitehouse, Booker, Blumenthal, Warren and Durbin. The destruction of the economy by the Pelosi majority in 2006 has been forgotten. The fundamental change in America authored by President Obama was the creation of a divided nation and the promotIon of Cultural Marxism. A second Pelosi Congress will be worse than the first.

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