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A Wakeful Watch: An Authorized Biography of Charles Lindbergh Armstrong MD

Author: Martin Capages Jr. PhD

A Biography of Charles Lindbergh Armstrong MD.,the son of U.S. Congressman from Missouri, O.K. Armstrong. This is Charles story of his upbringing, the Armstrong family history, his college years and his service in Vietnam as an Army Flight-Surgeon. It concludes with Charles battle and victory over throat cancer. The biography was developed by Martin Capages Jr. PhD at the request of the Armstrong family. The preponderance of material included in the biography was originally drafted by Dr. Armstorng in the years preceding his death at age 76 in 2017. It includes a personal history of the Charles' father, O.K. Armstrong that was developed by Dr. Armstrong from taped interviews of the late Congressman(and noted Reader's Digest author) in his later years, the impact of his father's career on Charles' own life, his struggle with the death of his mother. Louise Armstrong, the challenges and triumphs of medical school, service as an Army Flight-Surgeon in Vietnam, and battle with throat cancer as seen from the eyes of a surgeon. The biography was reviewed for accuracy by Dr. Armstrong's remaining siblings,O.K. Armstrong Jr., Stanley Armstrong and Milton Armstrong. The Armstrong family provided the photographs included in the manuscript.


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