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Restoring the American Mind

Restoration of the American Mind will ultimately require restoring the American Declaration of Independence to its proper place as our Supreme Un-amendable Moral Law.  Dr. Cherry’s Prescription is a proposed 28th Amendment to the Constitution making  the Declaration of Independence the supreme un-amendable Moral Law of the United States of America. Our Constitution must be pinned down by more than the opinion of five judges, or even by the will of the American majority; in order to avoid tyranny.


Our Constitution must fall into compliance with the Law of Nature and Nature's God. In order to preserve the blessings of life, liberty and creative pursuit of happiness, for ourselves and for future generations, our Declaration of Independence must be acknowledged by the American People, and by all levels of American government, to be supreme over the Constitution. A slow motion, authoritarian, anti-American counter-revolution has sprung up among us. Don’t be seduced, don’t be confused about its suicidal trajectory; stand firm for your country, for our American Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights and Constitution; prepare for struggle and sacrifice if it becomes necessary.


The statist enemies of our liberty and creative pursuit of happiness, and possibly our lives, are busy at their undermining work of collectivization, so let’s outwork them with our strong American hands and outsmart them with our sharp American Minds. As you will discover in this book, we can defeat the counter-revolution peacefully with a Constitutional amendment, but that will not happen without a restoration of the American Mind. I hope and pray this book will give you the moral and intellectual tools to fight the good fight in preservation of all we hold dear, so that the America we have known and loved does not perish from the earth.

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