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Martin Capages, Jr. PhD

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Martin Capages, Jr. PhD is a technical executive and licensed professional engineer. He was an engineering manager in petroleum exploration and production for two major energy corporations until he left that industry to start his own engineering consulting firm in 1993.


While never politically active, he became concerned about the increase in the movement towards socialism in the United States after witnessing its negative effects on the United Kingdom while he was involved with development planning of the North Sea for Exxon in the mid to late 1970s.


  1. Heartland Rebellion

  2. The Moral Case for American Freedom

  3. A Wakeful Watch: An Authorized Biography of Charles Lindbergh Armstrong MD

  4. Ozark County Heart: Boyhood Memories of Dora Missouri Farm

  5. Boots to Bogies

  6. The Silent Second

  7. Why the Green New Deal is a Bad Deal for America!

  8. Epiphany: Before Time Zero



Licensed Professional Engineer

Technical Executive



Andy May

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Andy May is a writer, blogger, and author living in The Woodlands, Texas.  He enjoys golf and traveling in his spare time.  He is also an editor for the popular climate change blog Wattsupwiththat.com where he has published numerous posts and the author or co-author of seven peer-reviewed papers on various geological, engineering and petrophysical topics.  He has also written about computers and computer software.  His personal blog is andymaypetrophysicist.com.


  1. Climate Catastrophe! Science or Science Fiction?






Ronald R. Cherry MD

His Story


Ronald R. Cherry graduated from Lipscomb University in Nashville, Tennessee and then from the Medical College of Virginia in Richmond. He now lives in Knoxville, Tennessee where he is in the full time practice of Pulmonary and Sleep Medicine, board certified in both, as well as certified in Internal Medicine. He stays busy raising a family, reading, hiking, and fishing; he has published essays at American Thinker, PJ Media, Family Security Matters and RenewAmerica. Dr. Cherry is not directly involved in politics, but he has come to the conclusion that all liberty-loving Americans must educate themselves on the principles, values and laws that were held and written by our Founding Fathers.


  1. Restoring the American Mind




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