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The Moral Case for American Freedom

Somewhere in the preceding generations, the direction of the United States of America has careened towards an unsustainable progressive interpretation of the Constitution that threatens individual freedom and  will inevitably lead to further bankruptcy of the Nation. The Government has set itself above the governed. Even the basic principles set forth at the birth of the Nation have been corrupted. The ultimate result we hope to achieve with this book is to return the Country to the Founders’ vision of individual freedom and away from progressivism or the Rule of the State. The first step towards that final result is to inform Generation Z and others of the Truth. It is up to Generation Z and the generations that follow to right the Ship of State.


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In The Moral Case for American Freedom, Dr. Capages chronicles how America arrived at our current tipping point, our Country’s moral crisis . . . While this book is specifically written for Generation Z, I believe any person of any generation can benefit from a thorough reading of The Moral Case for American Freedom. Martin Capages’ call to action should be heeded by every freedom loving American.

Leslie G. Mironuck, Author of: The American Patriot Series

The Moral Case for American Freedom, by Dr. Martin Capages, is a book which is sorely needed today, especially among our youth. Many Americans have lost sight of the moral underpinnings of the American Revolution, because they have lost sight of the American Declaration of Independence, which is the supreme un-amendable moral law of the United States, adopted as law by the Second Continental Congress on July 4,1776. Abraham Lincoln wisely said during troubled times: "Let us readopt the Declaration of Independence," sage advice for resurrecting the real American Dream, for reawakening the invincible moral power of American justice, for recognizing and defeating tyranny, and to help us rightly control our own destiny. Dr. Capages' timely book will help Americans of all ages re-connect with our exceptional heritage of Divinely ordained human freedom.

Ronald R. Cherry, MD, FCCP

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