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Starboard Tack

The Free Nation Makes a Course Correction


The Free Nation Founding Fathers anticipated that government would gain a self-awareness and seek its own increase. They had assumed the "checks and balances" would limit this expansion of the power of the State over the Individual. They were used to a slow communication process with time for common sense to rise to the top in public discourse. They did not anticipate that a professional political class would gain control of Congress by exploiting the loopholes of term limits and repetitive terms between the two bodies of Congress, the House of Representatives and the Senate. They also trusted in a Free and Fair Press to serve as a watchdog on government. They could never have anticipated the revolving door between the lobbying industry, government and the Press that developed. And, unfortunately, they did not anticipate the warnings concerning the dangers of the delegation of authority to bureaucracies managed by un-elected officials that would become the Administrative State.

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