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Freedom or Socialism?

The Millennial Dilemma


This book is intended to outline an approach for the Republican party to take to prepare for 2020 and 2024. It presents a proposal for the Republican party to assume the mantle of the Common-Sense party, begin an adult to adult conversation with Millennials and perhaps prevent a war. Today a generational conflict is looming, but it isn’t a physical conflict. It is a battle of ideologies, the inherent, inalienable right of Individual Freedom enshrined in the American Declaration of Independence and U. S. Constitution versus an overarching State or Collective where there is no Individual Freedom., an ideology called Democratic Socialism or Marxism.

Republicans need to sell the idea that they are the party of Common-Sense but they need to do this on all the mainstream media outlets and social media platforms, the real information source of the Millennial Generation. They will not be able to do this if they don’t unite around the core values of the American Heartland. This new book by Dr. Martin Capages Jr., author of Why the Green New Deal is a Bad Deal for America defines the problem and presents an approach to resolve the underlying issues.

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