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Carbon, the Building Block for Life.

Carbon is the building block of God’s universe. It is the key element of living things. Carbon dioxide is a molecule that consists of one carbon atom and two oxygen atoms. It is a natural product of combustion. So, carbon and carbon dioxide are not the same thing. Fossil fuels are hydrocarbons. These are molecules of carbon, hydrogen, sulfur and other elements. Burning fossil fuels creates carbon dioxide, water vapor and other things, depending on the other elements in the fossil fuels and in the air. Air is mostly composed of nitrogen and oxygen. Incomplete combustion can create unstable gases such as carbon monoxide that are poisonous. All of the gases formed from combustion are called emissions. So reducing the emissions of these poisonous gases is important. Carbon dioxide is not poisonous, but you can’t breath it. You can’t breath in water either. Plants do “breath” carbon dioxide. It’s necessary for plant life. So programs called “carbon offsets” and “carbon dividends” are misleading. They are real taxes on fossil fuels with a theoretical redistribution of the tax revenue to the citizenry as that revenue passes through the hands of the elites and/or government bureaucracies. The citizens will get nothing but a lower standard of living. Don’t be fooled.

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