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Restoring the american mind

Restoration of the American Mind will ultimately require restoring the American Declaration of Independence to its proper place as our Supreme Un-amendable Moral Law.  Dr. Cherry’s Prescription is a proposed 28th Amendment to the Constitution ...

Author: Ronald R. Cherry MD

Climate catastrophe!

Science or science fiction?

Author: Andy May

“Science is rooted in observations.  If we make a prediction that is later verified with measurements, we have a proper scientific theory.  A prediction, no matter how elaborately it was made or documented, that is not verified with data and observations is science fiction.” ...

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The moral case for american freedom

Author: Martin Capages Jr. PhD

Somewhere in the preceding generations, the direction of the United States of America has careened towards an unsustainable progressive interpretation of the Constitution that threatens individual freedom and  will inevitably lead to further...

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A Wakeful Watch: an authorized biography of Charles Lindbergh Armstrong md

Author: Martin Capages Jr. PhD

A Biography of Charles Lindbergh Armstrong MD.,the son of U.S. Congressman from Missouri, O.K. Armstrong. This is Charles story of his upbringing, the Armstrong family history, his college years and his service in Vietnam as an Army

Flight-Surgeon. ...

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Ozark county heart: boyhood Memories of a dora missouri farm

Author: Martin Capages Jr. PhD

In "Ozark County Heart," Martin Capages, Jr. shares vivid recollections of his family's brief but unforgettable time on their little farm near Dora, Missouri and in doing so he captures the challenging, confounding and wonderful essence of

Ozark County. ...

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Boots To Bogies To Bronze: The Authorized Biography of 2LT Jack Pyatt

This is the war story of a quiet, distinguished gentleman who once lived in my neighborhood named Jack Pyatt.  Jack lived in a well-groomed home on a circular drive in Wildwood Estates

in southeast Greene County, Missouri. ...

Author: Martin Capages Jr. PhD

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