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The Preamble: America's golden rule

Over several generations we Americans have been distracted and brainwashed by entertainment, mass media news organizations, academia and government, so we have become vulnerable to the malignant propaganda of Marxist Socialism...

Author: Martin Capages Jr. PhD

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Heartland Common Sense II

Heartland Common Sense II continues from the previous pamphlet with a review of the current status of the American Heartland and its response to the emerging Progressive dual system of justice, attacks on the First and Second Amendments, the corruptible Diversity, Equity ...

Author: Martin Capages Jr. PhD


Heartland Common Sense

A review of the current status of the American Heartland and its response to Progressivism, Climate Change Alarmism, the COVID -19 Pandemic, China's impact today and in the future, and the infiltration of Marxism into the American School system in the guise of Critical Race Theory...

Author: Martin Capages Jr. PhD


Heartland Rising: The Defense of American values

The American People are basically good. While this is contrary to some religious beliefs about the inherent internal nature of Humankind, the American Heartland is made up people who desire to get along with each other and to help others when necessary. One word describes the Heartland, that word is Kindness...

Author: Martin Capages Jr. PhD


politics & climate change: a history

This book is a brief history of the human-caused climate change debate from its origins in the 19th century until today. The goal is to put the political drama of the debate into a proper scientific context. The drama is widely reported, but the background scientific debate is usually ignored...

Author: Andy May


persistent evil-socialism:A Warning for the Millennial Generation

The Democratic Party has only one objective, to obtain ultimate power over each citizen of the United States of America. Democrats have long used "progressivism" to corrupt the American educational institutions so that the new leaders of mass media corporations have turned to the far left...

Author: Martin Capages Jr. PhD


Of Ostriches and Lemmings: The Silliness of Climate Change Hysteria

The history of the science of Climate Change from the perspective of a bunch of hogs.

The world has never experienced a method of mass communication as instantaneous as that provided by the Internet. Unfortunately, it has also sped up the ability for lies to spread...

Author: Martin Capages Jr. PhD


Starboard Tack

The Free nation makes a course correction

The Free Nation Founding Fathers anticipated that government would gain a self-awareness and seek its own increase. They had assumed the "checks and balances" would limit this expansion of the power of the State over the Individual. They were used to a slow communication process with time for...

Author: Martin Capages Jr. PhD


Freedom or socialism?

the millennial dilemma

This book is intended to outline an approach for the Republican party to take to prepare for 2020 and 2024. It presents a proposal for the Republican party to assume the mantle of the Common-Sense party, begin an adult to adult conversation with Millennials and perhaps prevent a war ...

Author: Martin Capages Jr. PhD


Why the green new deal is a bad deal for america!

The Green New Deal utilizes a propaganda technique called Appeal to Fear. It advances the notion that the U. S.  must initiate a massive and urgent State-run program that would control the climate by reducing the use of carbon-based fuels. It would simultaneously improve the lot of the poor and middle class ...

Author: Martin Capages Jr. PhD


Restoring the American Mind

Restoration of the American Mind will ultimately require restoring the American Declaration of Independence to its proper place as our Supreme Un-amendable Moral Law.  Dr. Cherry’s Prescription is a proposed 28th Amendment to the Constitution ...

Author: Ronald R. Cherry MD


Climate catastrophe!

Science or science fiction?

“Science is rooted in observations.  If we make a prediction that is later verified with measurements, we have a proper scientific theory.  A prediction, no matter how elaborately it was made or documented, that is not verified with data and observations is science fiction.” ...

Author: Andy May


The moral case for american freedom

Somewhere in the preceding generations, the direction of the United States of America has careened towards an unsustainable progressive interpretation of the Constitution that threatens individual freedom and  will inevitably lead to further...

Author: Martin Capages Jr. PhD


Heartland Rebellion

Dr. Capages believes there is a cure for what ails America, a peaceful process of Restoring the American Mind followed by Constitutional Amendment. In his new book, Heartland Rebellion, Dr. Capages outlines in detail the internal threats to our country ...

Author: Martin Capages Jr. PhD

Military history


Author: Andy May

Blood & honor

the people of bleeding kansas

To live in the Kansas Territory in 1854 and survive through the Civil War would take courage and stamina. The entire population that year was either pro-slavery or they were against slavery. As Andy May reveals in this remarkable, well researched history of that period, there were both noble and shameful motivations in the two factions.  ...


Author: Martin Capages Jr. PhD

A Wakeful Watch: an authorized biography of Charles Lindbergh Armstrong md

A Biography of Charles Lindbergh Armstrong MD.,the son of U.S. Congressman from Missouri, O.K. Armstrong. This is Charles story of his upbringing, the Armstrong family history, his college years and his service in Vietnam as an Army

Flight-Surgeon. ...


Author: Martin Capages Jr. PhD

Boots To Bogies To Bronze: The Authorized Biography of 2LT Jack Pyatt

This is the war story of a quiet, distinguished gentleman who once lived in my neighborhood named Jack Pyatt.  Jack lived in a well-groomed home on a circular drive in Wildwood Estates in southeast Greene County, Missouri. ...


Author: Martin Capages Jr. PhD

the Silent second: the biography of martin capages, captain Usmc

The Silent Second: The Biography of Martin Capages, Captain USMC is a personal history of a U. S. Marine officer in the Second Marine Division from his enlisted service ...

faith and family


epiphany: before time zero 

Faith of an engineer

This book became necessary for me because my professional training, personal observations and industry experience created an awareness of the truths of the physical world. This could have put me at odds with my faith tradition and community worship. Community worship demanded ...

Author: Martin Capages Jr. PhD

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Wildwood Psalms is a continuance of Pamela's journey of her first book titled Poems By Pamela. The poems are those of memorable family gatherings, nature, travel, Love of God and Jesus Christ written from her heart to glorify Jesus. With every poem she desires to share from a Christian's...

Author: Pamela Kay Capages


Ozark county heart: boyhood Memories of a dora missouri farm

In "Ozark County Heart," Martin Capages, Jr. shares vivid recollections of his family's brief but unforgettable time on their little farm near Dora, Missouri and in doing so he captures the challenging, confounding and wonderful essence of Ozark County. ...

Author: Martin Capages Jr. PhD

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